Jock Strapped

Jockstraps and the men who love them! NSFW, 18+ only!

So just curious, who would pay to see me in my jock? A little private show for you for a small donation?

Maricón by A2 Productions — Kickstarter

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Hey everyone, this is the kickstarter for a documentary I’m trying to make. Please share as much as you can and if you’re able, please pledge to help us reach our goal we only have 30 days. Thanks and please spread the word!

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The Lone Gaynger

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So everyone should go follow my project blog, it’s for class. Essentially I have to have some sort of following to pass and it would be awesome if y’all followed and shared my gay adventures!! DO IT! Please… I love you… please

All of y’all are awesome so if you could check this out, I’m sure there there will be some jock adventures as well ;)

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